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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wedding Suppliers: Wacky Shots Photobooth

Because photo booths are all the rave in weddings nowadays, I really was not planning on getting one. Apart from the cost being steep and that I have to pay out-of-town fees on top of it, I scratched the idea of getting one as my souviner. But then a friend of ours excitedly asked if we will have a photo booth in our wedding and it made me realize, I have a lot of vain friends hahaha!!!:)

So began my search for a photo booth. I learned that photo booths are all the same hahaha! It is just a matter of resolution, layout and props that separates one from the other. It is getting generic but it also serves the purpose of entertaining guests. Bottomline is, if you have vain and photo addict friends, GET ONE!:)

It was in W@W (yes, this site is very useful) that I came across WACKY SHOTS Photobooth. Check their works at their Facebook account. Ms. Avery is very nice to talk to. She actually gave me tips on my own wedding planning since she got married over a year ago. I got their promo for 3hrs at a lower rate plus there are no out-of-town fees since they are from Cavite.

I know photo booths are the norm nowadays but I know also that my friends would love it. If they are happy, then I am too.

Maybe I will just throw in a candy bag or a little souvenir to go with it.:)

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