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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wedding Supplier: Rosemont Gardens- Tagaytay

When everything between you and your fiance/hubby-to-be/boyfriend has been agreed that you will get married and a date is settled, the next thing that will take place is the look out for a church and reception venue. These two will mark the beginning of the wedding preparation task.

In our case, since we are going to be wed in a Christian ceremony, we are on a look out for a venue that can hold both the ceremony and the reception in one. I have dreamed of having a garden wedding since my high school years and the nearest place that I could think of that can offer my dream venue is Tagaytay.

Why Tagaytay you might ask?:)

Well the reason really is because it is cool out there. Honestly. :)

We initially thought of a Manila wedding because I have always wanted to be wed in Intramuros. My favorite theme is vintage and I knew Intramuros will offer that plus we had some of our memorable dates there, watching the sunset in one of its forts. But as we are getting serious about the wedding preparations, we realized that Manila is too polluted for us not to mention, it gets too hot and flooded when it rains. Not that going to Tagaytay is a breeze for most of our guests but somehow the benefits out weighs the cons. What made us decide on having it in Tagaytay is when my brother vehemently insisted that we MUST HAVE THE WEDDING IN TAGAYTAY hahaha!:)

So last October, Jp and I went up Tagaytay to look for possible venues. I brought a long two of my friends to help us decide.

Let me tell you what I have learned from our ocular:

1. Tagaytay venues are EXPENSIVE hehehehe!:) You have to do tons of research on the internet and ask around first to make sure the venue you would visit is within your budget.
2. Each venue offers a different feel. Either you want a view of the Taal volcano or you want peace and tranquility for your reception.
3. Those that offer a good garden venue are FAR from the main road. Some are very, very far hahaha!:)
4. And lastly, it is true what they say with venue hunting, you will know when you have found THE ONE.:)

And that is what I have felt when I stepped inside Rosemont Gardens.:)

Rosemont Gardens is yet another find in W@W and Girl Talk. It is primarily used as a site for wedding preparations but a few wedding receptions has been held in its cozy garden area. It is a family house owned by Ms. Karla Fider-Santos family, which I was later to find out was a former W@W herself.

When we started scouting for our venue, all I wanted was a garden that would offer both a place for the ceremony and for the reception. A view of the Taal volcano was not my highest priority. But when we were roaming around Rosemont Gardens, I was surprised to see that they offer a view of the Taal Volcano.:) I felt at that instant that I have found THE ONE.

Check out the pictures from their Rosemont Garden's Facebook page.

Since we are on a tight budget, the rental fee for both the venue and one night stay in Rosemont Gardens is so budget friendly for us. Another plus is that our preparations, ceremony and venue will be held in one place. The guests will not have difficulty going from one place to another and will have all the time in their hands to bond with one another. And the two friends I tagged along liked it most from all the venues we visited that day.

There are places that rarely looks like exactly how it is in the photos when you go there yourself. And I am glad Rosemont Gardens is one of those places in my list.

Just perfect for an intimate garden ceremony and reception for us. :)


iamshy said...

hi sis, may i ask how much you spent for the venue? thanks! - e add: shylock_14@yahoo.com

Cashmere said...

Hi Sis!
Rosemont Gardens is truly beautiful! We haven't booked a venue yet, but Rosemont is definitely on top of my list kasi, like you, dun n ung ceremony and reception + preps. :)

Sis, I'm really hoping you can help me. I'm wondering kc how your setup is gonna b? Which part of the garden would serve as your aisle? Or dun nlng s covered patio? I was hoping kasi yung garden e solely for the ceremony and yung patio s reception. Yun kasi ang dilemma ko e. Thanks in advance!
If you can, please email me at cashmere1204@yahoo.com
God bless! Love your blog, btw.

Cashmere said...

Hi Sis!
Love your blog!
Rosemont gardens is definitely beautiful! I don't have a venue yet, but Rosemont is on top of my list. Like you, I super like the fact that the ceremony, reception, and the preps can be done there. :)
I'm really hoping you can help me. I'm wondering how your setup is going to be? Is it s garden? S patio? I'm thinking kasi to have the garden solely for the ceremony and the patio for the reception. I don't know about the garden kasi I know it's tiered. Baka mahirap gawin :(
Thanks in advance! If you can, please email me at cashmere1204@hotmail.com