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Daisypath Wedding tickers

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nice-To-Have: Back-up Photographers

The luho bug bit me!:) I now WANT a back-up photographer.:)

What exactly is a back-up photographer. Well, to use the term itself, a back-up photographer is just an additional photographer that clicks away at your wedding. They exist for the purpose of covering more ground in capturing those precious moments that transpire during the wedding. Couples usually get them because they want more photos. Photos are afterall only the ones left long after the wedding day has passed.

The role of a back-up photographer is limited. Your main P/V coverer will be the one to dictate where you will pose, what pose you will do and that of the entourage itself. The back-up will just be there to capture mostly candid shots and if the main P/V will allow, he can also dictate poses although this is more of an exception than a rule.

So it is not exactly a need. You can always have only your P/V cover the whole event. In our case, the preps, ceremony and reception will only be in one place hence the back-up photographer is really just a want. But I really do want one for the simple reason that I want a lot of photos for our wedding. I can always make an album or have these pictures printed out in the future. Plus it will be a sweet reminder how young we are when we get old and wrinkled.

Because Jp does not want one, I will be paying for it from my own money. My piggy bank says that it can only accommodate til 12K for one and I am now on a search for the best back-up photographer my money can afford. Our rule is, if it is a nice-to-have and we want it bad, we have to pay for it on top of our contribution for the wedding day budget itself.

Of course I will make it happen hehehe! I have a few in mind already whom to get.

Sometimes you just have to scratch that bug bite... sometimes.:)

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