Daisypath Wedding tickers

Daisypath Wedding tickers

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wedding Planning 101: Budget

So after the family blessings has been given, the next thing most couples would do is to determine the budget and how much they will save for the wedding.

In our case, it was planning first how much we will save and then determining the budget we would allocate for the supplies we will get. And oh boy were we in for a ride when we started canvassing suppliers. Our target savings is minimal compared to what we have to pay for the wedding we want.

It may seem problematic for some, but the way I see things, it is better to have a bigger expected budget than a safer one. That way we may know what to get and where to get the suppliers our actual savings will allow. Good thing in this area I am level-headed. We are not expecting family to shell some wedding money also.

So right now we have a modest budget for our wedding. I say modest because really, weddings are an industry right now with costs sky rocketing every year. My game plan is that we do price locks for our P/V coverage and venue if we can. I have spoken to one caterer I am eying at who is willing to do our budget and I have a fall back in case we cannot really afford them. We have a rule not to scrimp on the venue, catering and P/V but of the rest I have to employ my strict budgeting skills.

So my spread sheet seems daunting but yes, still workable. It will be the toughest challenge I will encounter as I will be the one handling our finances for this.:)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Family Blessing

Exactly one month ago yesterday, we got engaged.

And now, we already have my family's blessing to be wed.:) Of course at Jp's side they already now about our plans and to have my side of the family approve of our plans to ge married have already signified us easing our way to our wedding day. I have come to respect my family more because of what my Dad said. He told us that if we will be having a hard time in choosing the guests because of the need to invite so many relatives, then we need not invite everyone. He wanted us to make our wedding more simple with less costs. Hearing him say this made me happy knowing I would not be compelled to invite our whole clan as the guests to our wedding. That is another less cost there.

So now we are officially blessed by our family. It makes our wedding preparations more at ease. Next stop will be treating his family to lunch then the "pamamanhikan" next year.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wedding Preps 101:Planning Stages

After a schedule Sunday lunch with my family, our wedding preparation will be "legal". Why do I say so? Because we kept our engagement secret to our families nearing a month now. Well to Jp's side knows about it. Not that we do not want them to know, we are just waiting for the right time to share with them the good news.

Which is actually the signal for every wedding preparation and this entry is about our first hand experience on starting our journey towards a lifetime of togetherness and the things we learned and will learn along the way.

Before actually telling our parents, we already talked about the wedding date. Sometime 2007, I was daydreaming about marrying Jp when I had this urged to find the perfect date for us. Initially, I do not want our wedding date and our anniversary as a couple to be different from each other. While browsing my then mobile phone's calendar, I saw that our annivesary date will be on a weekend in 2012. From then on, Jp would always tell me that we will get married in 2012 and knowing Jp, he will be true to his word.

Fast forward to 2010. One day we talked about our plans of getting married and how we do not have the money for it still. It was then that we decided to push through with the wedding preparations and what followed was his proposal. The initial date was scratched because we want my family from the US to have a chance to come over for our wedding thus July 21, 2012 is the new date.

Dreaming of your wedding is one thing. All ideas will flow in your head and you can easily visualize the wedding happening. What most of us bride-to-be's do not really know is this: IT IS HARD TO PLAN AND EXECUTE OUR WEDDING. :)

The intial stages of wedding planning are like a maze for most of us. I myself did not know where to begin. But being trained to be responsible at an early age, I knew saving up for the wedding and the wedding budget is our top most priority. At this point, we already have a conservative amount to save from our combined income and a wedding budget I am bent on reducing further. Both our conservative savings and wedding budget do not match but I rather make the budget a bit more and work it down rather than save more at this point.

Simutlaeously with the savings come the canvassing of suppliers. I want to book a venue and photo/video coverage before the year ends to at least take advantage of price locks if offered. Here is one thing about supplier-hunting: the more you do your research, the more you want to get the best of things even if sadly, you cannot afford them. Good thing with me I am level headed with this one and also I have asked my boyfriend not to indulge in my wants even if he likes making me happy. So far, it helped me look into some suppliers that are within our budget.

Wedding preps are dizzying and OVERWHELMING. At this point we are still getting the hang of it. I am thankful for being a part of this e-group for the help and ideas I am getting.

But really, at the end of the day, we rather focus on what comes after the wedding which is the committment of a marriage.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Proposal Story

Here it goes, my attempt at writing our engagement story.

If there is one thing people should know about JP, he is not the showy and sweet type of guy. We may appear to look like we are a showy couple, always kissing and hugging in public places, but that is because I initiated it. If it were up to him, we will all be prim and proper.

So imagine how surprised I was when he actually put a ring on it. <cue Single Ladies by Beyonce>

That is another thing people should know about JP, he really surprises me on rare occassions. I know it was effort on his part to buy that ring and to actually give it to me.

We got engaged on our fifth anniversary as a couple. It was special indeed but all along I thought of nothing about being engaged. Prior to our anniversary, we have already began planning on how to save up for our wedding, the date we wanted and I am actually making a canvass of possible suppliers we may get. We are even planning on formally telling our parents that we are going to get married in 2012 at the end of this year.

It was a typical date night for us. I was even the one who reserve the restaurant where we will celebrate our anniversary. HE CAME IN LATE hahaha!:) Almost reaching two hours of waiting for me. I was beginning to get so utterly pissed because he did not left the office early enough to be on time for our anniversary dinner. But somehow I felt there is something amiss about the whole thing. You see, prior to our meeting, my officemates were telling me they felt he will propose on our anniversary. I only entertained it half-heartedly.

After rushing inside the restaurant, I was surprised to see him in a suit. My heart skipped and thoughts of a proposal entered my mind. I was teasing him how "well prepared" he was and where are the flowers he was supposed to give me. I got disappointing answers hahahaha!:) One, there are no flowers and two, the suit was the thing he bought the day before when he was at the mall and he called me up.

While we were eating dinner, I gave him my gift, a ring and a stuff toy. Yes, I gave him a RING. Why? Because for the longest time he was asking me to give him one since I already have a ring from him, a white gold coated ring band he got from college. He was so happy about the ring I gave him and how I was able to surprise him about the video the night before. I noticed he was getting edgy at his seat trying to look for something. Then he excused himself to use the toilet.

You know what entered my mind at that moment, he might be conspiring with the waiters to put the ring on our dessert or something. It is true! I was never a fan of all that mushy, romantic films but that was the thought that entered my mind. Just like in the movies hahaha!:)

After he came back, I was kidding him where my gifts are and he said he does not have one. Being not the showy kind of boyfriend, he only gave me letters during our anniversaries and I always look forward to that. He never showered me with gifts but the occassional stuff toys (make it two) and I was not complaining but the least is I would want to receive a letter. It is our fifth year after all. He reached for his bag and out came a card. The contents are very touching and I was happy. But then at the end it said "end of part one". I asked him what he meant only to be answered that probably he was sleepy when he made the letter and did not know what he was writing.

At this point I really got nervous but after the answer he gave me, I was not expecting much anymore. We went on having our dinner and before ordering dessert, out came card number two. I was already crying while reading the contents. That was more then enough for me. In his letter he offered his heart to me, giving me all the liberty to take care of it or break it. That was what he said and that already assured me how much he loves me.

During the dessert, he went on saying that I should check the tiramisu for a ring and we had a good laugh at that although at the back of my head I can hear my conscience laughing at me and saying "BURRNNNEEDD!" hahaha!:) I also felt I was in court with all his questions. He "interrogated" me about how I would feel if he would give me an engagement ring (although he said I never need one anyway hehehe!), what if the diamonds are small and what will be my reaction. To which I answered that it is okay not to give me one because we are saving up for the wedding but of course I am just a girl not to refuse. And even if it only has small diamonds, for sure I will cry when he gives me one.

Dinner ended and we lingered a bit more. He suddenly asked for the ring he gave me. He told me "Luma na yan palitan na natin" (It's old already, let's changed it.). I said no worries because there is no need to, but really I was getting nervous and praying so hard he was not just joking me about it.

I asked for the ring back and HE REFUSED to give it. I really do not want to expect so I just let him get away with it for a few minutes and we continued talking. After a while, I asked him again if I could have my ring back and he refused to give it again saying it was old. I told him it is unfair that he has a ring from me and I do not have one and besides the ring was mine already. I asked him one more time and when he again refused I asked him "Ano meron???!" (What's happening?)

All he said was "Palagay ko kailangan na natin palitan yan" (I think it's time we change it.) while reaching in his suit pockets for a red velvet box that contained this:

All I can say was "Ano yan???!!! Ikaw ha! Ano ito???!!!" (What's that???!!! What's this???!!!) and  "Tama si Mam Beth magpropropose ka na nga!" (Mam Beth was right, you are going to propose) while tears were running down my face and surprisingly, he was teary eyed too. He told me at the end it was a good thing we were the only ones left at the restaurant.

Just by that we got engaged.

He knew me too well that I am not the type who fancies  a traditional proposal. All was a blur and he actually told me that he asked me to marry him but I cannot remember. I asked him to put on the ring though hahaha!:) He need not asked because I am sure I would want to spent this lifetime with him.

And by the way, the reason for him being late is he has to buy the ring and the reason for my "interrogation" is he has to check if what I would tell him will be the same reaction he would be getting when he proposes.

He said he got what he wanted and it made him happy. :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

And So It Begins

And so it begins...

That exciting and nerve wracking part of every girl's life. At least to those who have luckily found the one they would be willing to spend their lifetime with. I believe I have found that one person who will be more than willing to test the waters of spending this lifetime together with me.

And thus the start of this blog.

I need a refuge and a chronicler of some sort for the mayhem and madness this wonderful occasion shall bring. Writing has always been my passion and I will use it to the fullest.

This blog will entail all the details of this event. From the engagement until the reception. Everything.:)

After all, love is truly a wonderful thing not to tell the world about.