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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wedding Planning 101: On Booking Suppliers

In the past few months since we got engaged, I am on the search for the best and affordable suppliers that we can have for our wedding. We have already booked a few and I am still on a search but so far I have been satisfied with those who we have gotten. My current job entails me to talk to suppliers for seminars and events for our project, so in a way I am knowledgable on these things.

Which has gotten me to think what kind of a customer I am in booking suppliers. Now the reason why I had myself thinking is because I think I am a bit easy to deal with in booking suppliers. I tend to do my research and once I have found the supplier whom I feel will be the best for our requirement, I go meet them and see if we will click. Almost, always I will book these suppliers on the spot, some I have not met yet personally but I booked them anyway.

Let me tell you that not all brides/grooms are the same as not all people in this world are the same. I have heard of stories of brides who are diva-ish to the point that they really do demand heaven and earth to get what they paid for. I have also heard of brides who are doormats, who ended up apologizing to the supplier for a bad behavior that was caused by no less than a bad service from the supplier. Most are fickle minded and some are OC.

As I analyze myself, I realize I am the type of bride who does her research, talks to a supplier to get a feel of the kind of working relationship that can be established, book them instantly and have faith they will deliver. I am not fussy about trivial things but I would want everything to be written in the contract and that they would be prompt in delivering their services. I am a feeler and if I do not get that "IT" feeling that the supplier is the one, I wont get them. The opposite is that if I get you, I will expect a lot.

Sometimes it bothers me that I do tend to not look around anymore for another supplier for comparisson. But I have always lived by my gut feel and more often than not, the gut feel is correct. I do worry if they would deliver but I stand up to my choices and make sure I am vigilant about their service. I may appear to be nice but I am strict. I expect only the best. The upside of things is, I am very easy to work with.

My suppliers are booked for one reason, I know their talent and dedication will create the wedding I envision.

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