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Daisypath Wedding tickers

Friday, January 28, 2011

Wedding Supplier: Daniel Lei Studios

There are only three things we believe we can splurge on as a couple. That is the venue, the food and the photo/video coverage. As I have said at the start of our wedding preparations, we are on a budget and that our goal is to look for the best supplier at the price we are willing and able to pay.

Photo/video coverage is very important to us. After everything is done with our wedding, the only memories that will stay are those moments captured in film. Our main requirement is for our photogs to be able to capture as much candid moments as possible with an edgy touch. We hate mushy poses and would want more wacky shots hehehe! Traditional wedding photography is not really our thing.

During the course of my research, I found a lot of good photographers and videographers that would fit our requirement. Naturally, it went with the price we have to pay. If budget was not the case, I would book Mangored in a heartbeat. I have been dreaming of having them since 2007. But of course I know that we cannot afford them, so I went on researching and found Redsheep. Let me tell you know that I was really settled on getting Redsheep even if it meant paying only for their photo-only service. I love how Guj was so warm with my inquiries and how his talent focuses on candid shots. But again because of the budget, it meant we have to find a separate videographer. I thought in this area we will be lucky enough to afford a very sought after videographer who happens to be the husband of one of JP's closes college buddies (he's that famous that I would not say his name for their privacy), but yet again, our budget does not permit it. So I still went on researching options that would fit our budget when I found this studio at W@W:
Daniel Lei Studio: www.danielleistudio.blogspot.com
I have read a lot of good reviews in W@W about them enough to be convinced to get their services. Of course it was even more evident that I have found our photo/video supplier when I was floored how their photos looked and how talented they are. They have that balance of traditional wedding poses and candid shots with a very edgy look.
all photos from: www.danielleistudio.blogspot.com
They seem to be the middle ground between Mangored and Redsheep. And don't get me started with their SDE videos. You just have to watch it for yourself. What made me seal the deal with them is when I saw their 2010 rates and that the package they offer FIT OUR BUDGET finally!:) I immediately asked JP to check their website and I was glad he liked them as well. Needless to say, we told his friend we cannot afford their service and placed our downpayment with DLS.

They were our first supplier booked for our wedding.:) One thing though about them, they are very late in replying to your email and text message inquiries, which a lot of their clients have already comment on about. I was to reconsider getting them because I have a short patience, but each time I watch a video of theirs or see a photo they took, I knew I made the right choice. I just know in the end they will deliver. And thank goodness a lot of their clients has attest to this already.

As they say, patience is a virtue I am willing to practice on for DLS.

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