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Friday, January 21, 2011

Being A W@Wie

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In the early days of October last year, Jp and I began talking about our wedding and how we have to save up and prepare for it. Because I am a girl and all girls dream of walking the aisle someday, I excitedly went on the internet and did what every girl would do: RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH.

I encountered a lot of wedding websites locally. Some where outdated, others offer very little information. Until I stumble upon a little gem called Weddings at Work. At first look, there site may seem to be outdated, but while thinkering around it, I found out that they have a  yahoo groups to which brides-to-be (or grooms-to-be for that matter) can be a member of. I immediately sent an email because I knew that I need an online community who can help to give me an idea how to go about preparing for your wedding. When I was accepted by the moderator, I instantly shot a message to the group about how to plan a wedding. In an instant, someone from the group wrote me an email explaining how to go about the preparations and a few responded to my inquiries. At that point, I knew I have found the right online site to help me.

Let me introduce to you W@W. This online community was started by a couple, Mr. John and Benz Rana who felt that there was a lack of online help for couples out there who are planning a wedding in the Philippines. With the power of the internet slowly being felt in 1998-1999, the couple started the W@W Yahoo Groups were members are free to share wedding preparations, tips, suppliers and ideas among other members. To avoid being just an avenue for marketing for wedding suppliers, only couples who are preparing for their wedding are accepted to the groups and Ms. Benz has a strict policy on giving suppliers rating if the service has not yet commenced. The much awaited threads on the group are the so-called SUPPLIER'S RATING, were couples who are done with their wedding give their feedback on the suppliers they have chosen for their wedding.

But W@W is more than that. Much more.

You see, in the course of wedding preparations, not every time is smooth sailing and a breeze. There will always come a point that frustrations will set in, disappointments will happen and problems will be too difficult to solve. Because there is that sense of commonality in the group on wedding preparations, each and everyone understands how one frustrated member is feeling, thus offering some form of encouragement and help in every little way they can. In a way, the groups has created for members a virtual family and support system who will cheer you up when you are down, be happy for you when you are and help you when in need in your wedding preparations. You get not only the knowledge on how to prepare for your wedding, but at W@W you get an added support in everything you do for your wedding preparations.It makes things a lot easier.

That is why being a  W@Wie (as what we are called) is one of the best things I have ever made in the course of our wedding preparations. I am learning a lot and I am glad that I have my virtual buddies to help me through it. For that, Sir John and Maam Benz are simply AWESOME!:)

I cannot wait to get our W@W tags.

That in itself deserves a different blog altogether.

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