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Daisypath Wedding tickers

Friday, January 28, 2011

Wedding Motif: Slate Blue, Olive Green and Silver Grey

At last!:)

We already have a wedding motif, courtesy of myself of course. Jp would not really mind the motif for as long as it has his favorite color in it, BLUE. Well of course if his favorite color will be there, mine should also. Guess what it is? Hahahaha!!! GREEN of course!:)

I initially thought TEAL would be our primary color but I was having a hard time finding secondary colors to tie things up. I wanted a teal, green and yellow motif but our wedding reception would be at dinner time and this combination suits better with a lunch reception. So I went on researching for our color motif.

Then I found the colors SLATE BLUE, OLIVE GREEN and SILVER GREY:

I want SLATE BLUE instead of majolica blue.:)

Both slate blue and olive green will be the primary colors in this motif and gray will tie the two together.

I have not decided yet how it will come into play but I have all the time to figure this out.

I love our wedding motif!:)

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