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Daisypath Wedding tickers

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Since Jp has been extra good these past few days, I am inspired to write our story in lieu of tradition hihihi!:)

Our story can be summed up with this equation: LOVE+LAUGHTER+BEER=US :P

How come?

Well, it all started one rainy evening in the outskirts of Dapitan. You see, JP and I met in law school. He was a member of a fraternity were my good friend (and soon-to-be Maid of Honor) was a member of their counterpart sorority. On that particular evening, I accompanied my friend to wait for someone when some of her fraternity brothers called on her from a bar in Dapitan. I was having a major case of PMS and the fact that my friend was earlier ranting on them about some issue has pretty much have me not wanting to hang around with them. But my friend insisted, so I was left with no choice.

When we went inside, my friend introduced me to her fraternity brothers. I was in no mood to socialize and they must have noticed it since I was not even smiling or talking with them much. One of my friend's fraternity brothers asked me why and being the transparent person that I am, I told them that I was having PMS on that day (so they would at least back off from me hehehe!) when this one guy suddenly made a joke on something about PMS. I was trying so hard to resist this guy's corny jokes but he was damn too funny for me.

That's when I met JP. :)

He was the funny guy among the group. He never had that much of an impact when we we're introduced, but somehow when he made me laugh, he left an impression. And what an impression it was, because days after that, I instantly knew I had a major crush on him. And my soon-to-be MOH noticed it. I was trying to deny it but my soon-to-be MOH knew how I felt. And you know what she did? SHE SET US UP.:)

That one night was followed by numerous nights of laugh trips and drinking sessions. Believe it or not, we bonded on those drinking sessions and got to know each other more through that. We were getting pretty close as friends but you know how it is when alcohol is involved, it gets complicated.

And complicated it got for us. Before Jp, the only relationship I had were psuedo ones. Needless to say, I got scarred and broken by those. I was giving up on being the meantime girl when Jp came into my life. When things were getting a lot complicated, I gave myself an ultimatum. And I intend to let Jp know about it.

I guess for his part, he was scared too. Having a committment is scary. We were nearing the boarder and I guess he was not sure if he wanted to jump the gun. But I do not want to enter a pseudo-relationship once more. I do not want the uncertainty of things.

So when we finally had a time to talk at another friend's house, I knew I needed to ask him the question about us. Yes, it was me who asked THE QUESTION. As to put it in his own words, "ako ang nangligaw". And I was shocked he said yes. At that faithful day on October 21, 2005, we became US.

I was his first committed relationship.

And we do not regret the decision we had on that day. We have weathered enough storm to finally convince ourselves we ought to be together in this lifetime. I cannot believe that his guy who made me laugh on that faithful night in Dapitan is still making me laugh after all these years. He was always there when I need him. When I decided to quit law school altogether, he supported me even if it meant we will be heading off a  different direction in our careers. We have been through some tough tests and we are glad we made it each time. It helps that God is at our center.

Now we are facing a knew challenge for us. A friend once told me that there are no forevers and we do believe that too. That friend also said that we only have a lifetime to share a togetherness with someone and I am forever thankful to have found Jp as my other half.

A new beginning awaits us in July 21, 2012 and I cannot wait for us to be together in this lifetime.

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