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Friday, January 21, 2011

Reception Inspiration Board

I am one who is not into details that much.

I am never the OC type who looks at every detail of things. So thinking of a wedding theme for our reception and choosing a motif for our wedding are tasks I am really having a bit of difficulty with. I can visualize things and I am a very artsy and creative person, but somehow I only come with that: VISUALIZATION.

So to get to the "nitty gritty" of things for our wedding details, I will start of with my inspiration board for our reception.

I am always fascinated with vintage bottles, cans and lamps ever since. When I began planning for our wedding, I only have one theme in mind: ROMANTIC VINTAGE. This translates to anything that is old and with a bit of crystal, pearls and lace here and there. I want shabby chic but not over the top. For our reception, I want to utilize these things:

Vintage Bottles
Vintage Metal Candle Lamps
Vintage Cans

I want these to be prominent in our reception together with a few black and white photos of ourselves. The bottles will be in different shades of light green and light blue (we agreed to use TEAL SLATE BLUE and OLIVE GREEN as our primary colors for the motif), the cans in and silver with perhaps some lace and the lamps in off-white. Flowers would only be limited to green and white to highlight the garden in our venue.

In spite of having a vintage wedding, I want things kept light and classy. I hope the caterer I am eyeing at can deliver this.

*DISCLAIMER: Owners of all photos used are acknowledge by the author. The author does not claim the photos to be hers.

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