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Daisypath Wedding tickers

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hairstyle Inspiration

I don't like hair spray. As much as I can avoid being sprayed a whole can of it on my hair, I would. It stings your eyes, you can taste it from the spraying and taking it of your hair requires too much shampooing and conditioning. I don't like how it smells, how it makes me feel hot and how it looks too made up when used for a hairstyle. But of course I am the bride and I want to look my prettiest on that day also.

Having said that and taking the advice of JP's bestfriend's wife (hi May!), I would not want a "stiff" hairstyle for my wedding. Like my dress, I want it to be light, soft and because we are talking about hair here, curly. I have a natural wavy hair that curls at the end especially when I grow it long. I used to have a classmate when I tried law school who just twirls my curls during class out of nowhere hahaha! So I shall use my hair to the fullest.

Here are my inspirations:

Always wanted a side bun... a messy side bun. It's simple and very vintage.
This is how I wanted it to look at the back.

Contemplating if I would have the messy bun side swept for the reception or...

...have it just laid down like this.

I am contemplating about my veil now. I really wanted to have a mantilla veil but I also saw a cap veil that looks so beautiful, so I do not know now or rather I am not sure which is which hairstyle for ceremony and reception.

Hmmmmm maybe I should let Ms. Irene decide on this one.

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