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Daisypath Wedding tickers

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Do-It-Yourself List

I am onto lists lately.:)

A friend of mine asked me to accompany her this coming Saturday to Divisoria because she needs help in buying souvenirs for her kid sister's birthday party next month. I gladly said yes in joining her to Divisoria because it is a perfect time for me to canvass for wedding detail related stuff. As I have mentioned here before, I am now on the wedding details. I figured going to Divisoria (and pulling my friend to go to Quiapo as well) will help me ease into doing the DIYs I have in mind for the wedding.

I want to keep things very personalize and having a long engagement (Daisy path says we have 1 year 3 months 1 week and 1 day till our wedding day) enabled me to DIY a lot of things piece by piece. I will start of by buying my tools for the DIYs and doing our wedding cord. There are over a hundred wedding DIY sites on the internet and I have my fellow W@W ies to help me out just in case I need it. So here are a list of, hopefully, our DIYs for our wedding that you would see here in our wedsite from time to time unfolding. I will employ the help of a crafty friend and some craftsman in my hometown with these DIYs:

1.     Save-the-Date Ecard
2.    Ceremony Program
3.    Map to Rosemont
4.   Escort Cards-slash-Thank You Card (2-in-1)
5.    Gift tags for the PS souvenir
6.    Reception Rules
1.     PS souvenir basket or bag
2.    Guests souvenir pillows
3.    Box for cream puff
4.   Female Entourage Cloth Flower bouquet
5.    Ninang ‘s cloth flower wrist boquet
6.    Male entourage pinwheel or cloth flower boutonniere
7.    Flower Girl baskets and head band or pin
Reception Details:
1.     Pompoms
2.    Pinwheels
3.    Couple's Gallery Table
4.   Cake topper (initials made out of yarn)
5.     Kissing bells
6.    Signboards (made out of wood or cloth)
7.    Wishing Boards (with painted trees for thumb mark)
8.     Photo Booth backdrop (not the standard tarpaulin type)
1.     Wedding Cord
2.    Unity Candle
3.    Ring/Coin Bearer Pillows

It looks a lot hahaha!:) I will make time for this though. Everyone should make time to contribute a little DIY in their wedding. I know I can rely to Maja for the reception but I like to see some of my own creation also. For once I will put into reality my artistic vision.

It's a challenge I am willing to take.

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