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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Details, Details and Lots of Nerve-Wracking Wedding Details!

I am half way done booking suppliers and it is only April, 2011 hehehe!:)

A lot of people have asked and reacted as to why I was booking too early. In the tradition of Filipino weddings, preparations can take only 2-3 months before the wedding. So, imagine the surprise on people's faces when they hear me talking about the venue, caterer and other suppliers we booked. In their head they were all thinking for sure, "Atat naman ata itong si Krystle, masyado excited" hehehe!:)

There are two things though why I am booking early, one is for the PRICE LOCKS because we are on a tight budget and second, WEDDING DETAILS.

I have written before in this blog that I am artistic visually, but I lack the patience to execute my visions and come up with an output on them. Asides from the budget, I wanted a long period of time in order for me to have the "courage" to go over the detailing part of the wedding. I used to think that when you get your dress, caterer, officiant, photo/video coverer and your groom, you can get married. As easy as eating pie!:)

But oh no... that is not the case. If you are on a budget and you want a personalized wedding, then you must be willing to do-it-yourself on a lot of things and embrace the wedding details needed. I do not have a dream wedding but I have always wanted an intimate and personal one. I won't say simple anymore, from the looks of it, it won't be.;P

So now, I am onto the nerve wracking wedding details!!! Thank God I have my bestfriend with me who have good taste and can execute such good taste. One of my bridesmaid is good in craft and I shall employ her skills for such. I am listing down our DIYs and oh my, research after reseach and after research, the list just keeps getting longer and longer. NAKAKALOKA!!!:)

For now, I will keep on doing my research and compile my inspirations for the details to the wedding. I know I have to sort them out and I have to stop researching before our one-year countdown this July. This May, I will ask my bestfriend and my crafty bridesmaid to accompany me to Divisoria and Quiapo to buy supplies for our DIYs and to scout for wholesale suppliers. I shall start early because the details I want for my wedding requires cutting, sewing, pasting, glue-sticking and painting hahaha!:P

I can do this!!! With the grace of God and my love ones, Jp and I will have an intimate and personalize wedding we always wanted.:)

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