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Friday, March 4, 2011

Groom Barong Inspirations

One thing with Jp, he hates an extreme weather.

His ideal weather is lukewarm, not too cold and not too hot. Because we are getting married in Tagaytay, hot weather is not a problem. But since our reception will be at night and it will be in a rainy month of July, my biggest concern is what kind of attire he would wear.

Ever since I started to envision our wedding, the idea of a Western suit for Jp's attire did not cross my mind. Why wear a Western suit when you will be getting married in a tropical country like ours? You are in the Philippines might as well wear the national costume right? At least to my mind that is my question and opinion. So a barong tagalog is always the groom attire's choice and that of the entourage and even the guests. Of course when we decided to wed in Tagaytay I thought about it for a second. I mean, most barong are thin and flimsy. It scares me to think that Jp will request to wear a jacket be it a formal one and of course I don't want him getting uncomfortable during the whole time, so I went on the internet in search for barong styles until I found this, a BARONG SUIT:

It is thicker than a normal barong but still made from pinya and jusi fabric with matching embroidery. I always wanted him to wear a Chinese collared barong for our wedding. I find him POGI in it.:) I will let our fathers wear the same kind and may be our respective brothers as well.

Who would have thought that such innovation exists. Just perfect to make my groom at his handsomest on our wedding day.:)

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