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Monday, March 7, 2011

Flower Girl Gown Inspirations

Remember Katherine Heigel's movie "27 Dresses" wherein she played the part of always-the bride's maid-never-the-bride kind of girl, I was once in a similar situation. But instead of bride's maid dressess, my closet was full of flower girl dressess. I was always our family's flower girl from the age of two till I was ten years old. I once counted my flower girl gowns in my closet and I think I had more than 15 of them, excluding those that were already lent to my cousins and never returned to us. In fact, we reminsced who among my father's cousins did I became a flower girl and we discovered that each and every child's wedding of his aunt or uncle, I was once the flower girl.

But you know what, I was the kind of girl who HATED to be a flower girl. I absolutely hated it. I grew up a tomboy and because I cannot say no to my parents yet, I cannot do anything about it. I hated wearing a gown that is too heavy and itchy, not to mention I have to wear stockings or gloves to match and some heavy shoes. I would always cry to Mommy everytime I would feel itchy with the gown's lining or it became too hot for me when I play. Oh and I hated the make up and the hairspray! (I still do as an adult hehehe!:P) I hated the taste of lipstick and when the hair spray sting my eyes.

I must admit though that I love the attention I get when it is my turn to walk down the aisle. I would whine and whine and WHINE some more before the procession, but once I hear the music playing, I would be at my most behave, smiling. So it only means one thing, as a young girl, I hate looking like an adult.

That is why for my flower girls, I would want them to wear something like these gowns/dresses:

They would wear a gown in cotton or linen with a soft lining inside. It must be loose, so they can move around and play in it. I would be providing them cardigans that match their gowns to protect them from the cold. They can wear sandals and not suffer from stockings and uncomfortable shoes. And ABSOLUTELY NO MAKE-UP! My flower girls will be spared from the ickyness of adult make-up and spray net. It will do them good.

For my ring/bible/coin bearers, I would just let them wear a barong for the ceremony and then they can change to their regular clothes after.:)

Kids are kids, so we should let them be.


Pinay Travel Junkie said...

Flower Girls not having make up is an awesome idea :)

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

btw, i really like your blog. will be adding you to the blogroll of my mum blog if that's alright http://www.hippiemum.com/ :)