Daisypath Wedding tickers

Daisypath Wedding tickers

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wedding Planning 101: Budget

So after the family blessings has been given, the next thing most couples would do is to determine the budget and how much they will save for the wedding.

In our case, it was planning first how much we will save and then determining the budget we would allocate for the supplies we will get. And oh boy were we in for a ride when we started canvassing suppliers. Our target savings is minimal compared to what we have to pay for the wedding we want.

It may seem problematic for some, but the way I see things, it is better to have a bigger expected budget than a safer one. That way we may know what to get and where to get the suppliers our actual savings will allow. Good thing in this area I am level-headed. We are not expecting family to shell some wedding money also.

So right now we have a modest budget for our wedding. I say modest because really, weddings are an industry right now with costs sky rocketing every year. My game plan is that we do price locks for our P/V coverage and venue if we can. I have spoken to one caterer I am eying at who is willing to do our budget and I have a fall back in case we cannot really afford them. We have a rule not to scrimp on the venue, catering and P/V but of the rest I have to employ my strict budgeting skills.

So my spread sheet seems daunting but yes, still workable. It will be the toughest challenge I will encounter as I will be the one handling our finances for this.:)

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