Daisypath Wedding tickers

Daisypath Wedding tickers

Sunday, June 12, 2011



Our Daisy Path says it will be over a month till our NEGAVERSARY.

Nega-what?! You may ask? Well there is this thing called a one year countdown till a couple gets married and an anniversary was named after it. Why they call it NEGA, I have no idea. But the prospect of getting into the one year mark excites and scares me of the gigantic task ahead of me. For one, I haven't gotten over any DIY project I have in mind. I need to nail the flower fabric bouquets the least and the additional souvenirs I will give the guests. I need to learn time management because I switched jobs this year and it is a more demanding one than my previous job.

I need to go over our suppliers list one more time and contact my OTD regarding the things they need from us for the wedding and also to seek advice on what needs to be done first.

Pamamnhikan is also due soon!:) Our families think it is too early but I want this to be done and over with. One year is a very short time for wedding preparations. We started in October last year and time flew fast we are onto the one year countdown!!! I need to a lot a day for me to fix all our wedding lists (guests!, budget, things to do) and the wedding details I want, although this last one I might be downsizing on a bit.

I need to go over my list of things to do before I get hitched and sadly traveling solo did not push through this month as I switched jobs and did not have the time to go to Dumagete anymore. I did go to a new province on a business trip though.

There are a lot but the prospect of marring Jp melts my worries away. Day after day, as I get to know him more and more even if almost six years have passed since we became together, amazes me and makes me realize I am right in agreeing to marry Jp.:)

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