Daisypath Wedding tickers

Daisypath Wedding tickers

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wedding Preps Lull

We are having a lull period.:(

At the time when I am supposed to be getting on the details of the wedding. I guess when very important things in life comes first like job responsibilities, family issues and such, wedding preparations get the back seat. More so if you decide to be on a long engagement like us. We have no problems so far on our budget, God is blessing us in ways He intends for our wedding financial breakthrough. It is the time to seat down and attend to the wedding details that we have neglected so far. You can tell from the lack of posts in our wedding blog that we are both busy.

But it is already less than a year into the wedding preparations and action must be done.

May be I should do a to-do-list like I do in my work. Then may be I would be inspired and excited to really make time for the wedding preps. I need to start on my DIY as well and get suppliers for our invitations and back-up photographer. So here goes...


1. Update MS Excel file of wedding budget and deposit wedding money contribution to wedding money account.
2. Make down payment to caterer.
3. Asses budget and suppliers overall; see what suppliers are still needed.
4. Finalize list of wedding entourage and principal sponsor.
5. Inform wedding entourage of roles.
6. Trip to Divisoria for wedding cord and fabric flower DIY.
7. Diet and exercise. :)
8. Look for our supplier's contract.

I need to really manage my time to include the wedding preparations on weekends and wedding detailing on some weeknights. I REALLY NEED TOO!!! I have a lot of plans and I guess amidst the busy schedule, time management is always the key to really do a lot of things. I AM DETERMINED!

Mabilis na lang isang taon diba?:)

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